Today is a special day for me, because it is my first day the first time for me to record my life at Blog on my blog... ^^

The Senior came here at on Thursday. He have had interviews of new job at TOMTOM international company ( Thursday ) & Foxconn company(Friday).

After finished finishing the interviews, we go went to steakhouse, to enjoy dinner. During dinner time, We discussed a lot of things about jobs, life, future, interviewees' detail..etc. (不確定你們討論的是interviewers還是interviewees)

We chatted about everything of our interests (是聊興趣嗎? 還是聊我們感興趣的話題? 兩者寫法不同。我這邊改的是興趣), and we shared our ideal (ideal是形容詞,後面應該要有名詞) at on any topics. it have a lot fun ^^. (我會說We had a lot of fun.)

At On Saturday, we go went to Bail, to enjoy natural, sea breeze, seaview, and looking at hot girls ^^.

We talked a lot of about jobs, IT future, . (這邊用句點,然後再重啟一個句子。) there is one important thing of We are agreed that the English skills is are very very important for us at our current job or future job.

So, we will enhance our English skills. We can learn eEnglish by ourself at web, book, watch english soap opera, listen english radio..etc.  我會寫成 on the Internet, through books or English programmes or songs, etc.

The future is full of uncertaintyies, but we just know live the moment (seize the day?) is very important.



1. 英文遇到可數名詞,通常以複數型態出現。如: We discussed a lot of things. 或是English skills. 還有The future is full of uncertainties.

2. 英文寫作必須注意時態,所以時態變化要一致。

3. 台灣人寫作很容易寫這樣的句子,如: "We chatted everything of our interesting, we share our ideal at any topic."


所以我才會改寫成: "We chatted about everything of our interests, and we shared our ideas at any topics."

可是其實我覺得we shared our ideas就好,後面不需要加上on any topics.

4. 英文新句子的第一個字要大寫。 也就是說,當前面那個句子最後下一個句點,接下來的句子,第一個字要大寫。

5. agree這個字是動詞,不是形容詞。

所以我將你原本寫的"we are agree the English Skill is very very important for us at current job or future job."的are刪掉了。

一個英文句子裡面不會有兩個動詞相連在一起。are是be動詞 (也被稱之為 "是動詞")。agree是一般動詞。

6. 英文裡面,只要是語言或語言的,第一個字母一律大寫,例如: English, Chinese。

另外星期一至日的英文單字,第一個字母也需大寫。例如: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...




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