doofus 笨蛋、狀況外的人
That's a match made in heaven. 簡直是天作之合.

a nervous wreck 神經西西、容易緊張的人
a general assembly 校園集合
I went through about 20 markers. 我用了將近20隻馬克筆.
hoarding paper
berserk 日本漫畫
goobers (從urban dictionary: basically a goober is just a kindhearted, rather oblivious goofball)
pants (動詞)
kryptonite 克利普頓石 (讓超人體力變差的石頭)
airbone (指疾病) 空氣傳染的
molecule 分子

I caught him red-handed playing my video. 我抓到他偷玩我的電動.

All he does is to take her side. 他唯一做的就是一直站在她那一邊贊同她所建議的每一件事情.

Some people went a little overboard. 有些人做得太誇張.

He won it by a landslide. 壓倒性勝利(贏得選票)

It made me see him in a whole new light.

My secret stash

Wear 2 pairs of shorts for extra insurance
為了完全起見, 多穿了兩件褲子.

Undo the clasp on that thing. (要把鉤子從椅子上移除很難)

chocolate fountain with strawberries for dipping

She wasn't on board with the idea.她不認同

It's hand-me-down.  從上一代傳給我的. (尤其是指老二都穿老大穿過的衣服、使用過的物品)

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